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2/6/2014 Autobush Engine steady bush kits for MGF ,MGTF and Lotus Elise

Autobush have introduced bushes to replace the rubber items used in the engine steady brackets of MGF , MG TF and Lotus Elise ( with K series engine) . These bushes  fail due to age and heat and lead to unnaceptable levels of engine movement . The Autobush kit ( part number AUB5260 ) comprises a large bush ( which is made as two top hats for easy installation ) and a small bush . Both bushes have stainless steel sleeves and are injection moulded in a top quality dark blue polyurethane to ensure a long life and excellent fit . A special lubricant is included with the kit to make fitting easy .  The kit is priced at only £44.44 + vat  when purchaed from the Autobush web site .