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2/5/2021 Supplies to EU customers after Brexit

Autobush will continue to supply customers in the EU after Brexit , but some things will change .

1 Private customers .  Private individuals will not be charged UK VAT . However the buyer will be responsible for paying the local VAT in their own country ,and also any handling or customs clearance charges levied by the courier company . Normally the courier will contact the buyer to advise the amount to be paid , and usually this must be paid before the goods are released for delivery .Most couriers have online payment arrangements so this is quite easy .Its important that this is done promptly as otherwise the goods may be returned to Autobush Ltd which incurs handling and other charges .

2 Business buyers . As previously business buyers will not have to pay UK VAT , however local VAT may be charged as noted above . This can be reclaimed by the business in the normal way through its VAT return .